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Curriculum Vitae of Ambassador Mireya Agüero de Corrales, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mrs. Aguero is a Honduran diplomat, Member of the Permanet Court of Arbitration. A career member of the Foreign Service, President Porfirio Lobo appointed her Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in February 2010 to april 2013. In may 2013 she was nominated like Chancellor.

Previously, she had served as head of the Department of International Politics, head of the Interamerican Affairs Department within the Directorate of Foreign Policy, Director of Central American Affairs and member of the Advisory Board for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mrs. Aguero holds a Law Degree and a B.A in International Relations.


Embajadora Mireya Agüero de Corrales

She entered the Consular Service of Honduras in 1981 and the Foreign Service in 1983.For ten years ,she held various positions and in performance of her duties she participated in numerous forums and negotiation processes within the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Central American Integration System and Central America- European Union round tables, among others.

During this stage of her career, she had the opportunity to further her studies in areas such as Human Rights, Comparative Law and International Humanitarian Law. 

In the domestic arena, she was a member of the International Law Commission of the Bar Association of Honduras and area coordinator for Foreign Policy at the "Juan Manuel Galvez Centre for Political,Economic and Social Studies".
In 1993,for family reasons,she decided to interrupt her diplomatic career and to move her residence to the city of Choluteca, in southern Honduras. For the next fifteen years, she combined her role as legal advisor to a banking institution with academic activity, being the first Campus Director of the Catholic University of Honduras in Choluteca. She also served as Law professor on various subjects,including Constitutional Law,Public International Law, Law of Treaties and International Conflict Resolution.
Mrs. Aguero also has a long history of community service, specially in areas related to human development and social marginalization.Since 1993, she has worked "pro bono " in various capacities for the International Federation of L' Arche Communities, a worldwide organization that is responsible for providing decent homes and jobs to people with intellectual disabilities in more than 130 communities around the globe. For a period of five years,she served as International President for such entity.
English is her second language and she also reads and understand French.
Her personal interests include travel and multicultural experiences, reading , music, contemplation and walking in the countryside.
She is married to Hector Luis Corrales .They have four children.
For her diplomatic contributions, Ambassador Aguero has been honored with Chile' s " Order of Merit", Grand Cross Class and Honduras' "Order of Francisco Morazan", Grand Cross with Silver Star.

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